Celebrating 26 Years!

24-Hour Running Party


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Running Has Never Been So Satisfying

Be a 100 Mile Club® HERO

Run For a Cause

The 100 Mile Club Story

26 years ago one teacher, in one classroom, made a commitment to her students - to help them find joy in school and become happy, healthy, and connected.  

With the goal to make fitness a way of life she challenged them to run or walk 100 miles in a single school year.  

The success of these students led to the formation of the 100 Mile Club, that has since been replicated in thousands of schools in all 50 states across the country.

Now it's our time to celebrate 26 amazing years with our HUGE Run4Kids 24 Hour Running Party! 

Something For Everyone

The festivities start at 7pm on Friday and will run for 24 hours, until 7pm on Saturday March 16th 2019. We will host a 5k, two 12 hours, a 100 miler, a 24 hour and a 6 hour kids running event! There truly is SOMETHING for EVERYONE. This is your #NOEXCUSES running event. 

Bands will play and vendors will dish out food and drinks to keep you going. Whether you're participating in our super fast 5k course, 100 miler, running the 24 hour Ultra division, or simply supporting a friend... this event is always FUN!.. And most importantly its about the kids. Lets inspire our youth to stay active and healthy by leading the way!

When you register for our 12 hour, 24 hour, or 100 mile Ultra your are committing to fundRacing $200 or more for the 100 Mile Club®. And for our 5k registrants we're asking for your fundraising help, however it is not mandatory for 5k runners. Don't worry, we make fundraising easy! We send you a link for our Crowdrise page for you to set up and share. Oh and we have SUPER special awards and incentives for fundRacing. Contact us for more info at  

Running Party Options

5k: super fast flat course!

Saturday Morning 5k March 16th 9a 

Help raise funds for the 100 Mile Club® while inspiring our kids! How cool would it be to run an official timed 5k at 9a with our 100 Mile Club kids?! 

12 hr: TWO start times


Pick your start time to be either Friday at 7pm or Saturday at 7am Note: if you are really competing to WIN, you will have an advantage if you start at 7pm. Because... We have young kids arriving at 9am Saturday and they will be joining you on the track to cheer you on, run/walk with you. You must remember this event is for them. So for all those FAST runners, get your miles in Friday night up through those first 14 hours prior to the children joining you.

24 hr & 100 Mile 



Runner with the most miles in 24 hours wins! 

100 Mile Finisher buckles are only awarded to runners completing 100 miles or more.  

100 Mile Division: This is NOT a Relay. This is 100 miles, one person, one day.

EACH DIVISION has its separate registration on our event link. Sign up for your correct division.  

ONE OVERALL WINNER, 1st to finish 100 miles! This prize competition includes those competing within the 24 hr Division.

Runners will be allowed up to 27 hours to complete 100 miles, with a requirement of being at 90 miles by 24 hours. 

Course Description & What to Bring

Bring your own "aid" station (food, drinks, water, ice chests, camping stove, etc), tent, or any gear you need (chairs, sleeping bags, towels, etc). 

You can set up alongside the course in our designated area, with quick access to your personal station every 1/2 mile. This is great for new ultra marathon runners. You can really test yourself without the added risk of being stuck miles from your next "aid" station.

Make sure to bring your headlamps/ flash lights and any other gear you'd normally use during your races. The track is flat, mostly packed dirt with a small concrete section. It may be cold at night and hot during the day. Be prepared for a 50 degree swing in temps. 

This is an excellent course for individuals looking for PR's. The course is flat, 1/2 mile loop, wide enough for easy passing in most areas. 

When the children show up at 9am on Saturday morning, YOU WILL feel their energy! From prior years feedback, "YOU WILL catch a second wind when you see the kids smiling faces and hear them cheering you on!" 

Events wrap up at 7 p.m.

How To Become a 100 Mile Club® HERO

Kara (the 100 Mile Club® founder) shared in our Run4Kids video, "this event is and always has been about running for a cause bigger than ourselves". Our youth need inspiration and help getting off the couch, away from the video games and outside or exercise. This is your opportunity to become their HERO. 

FundRACE $400 or more and receive a special edition Run4Kids HERO Cape! We make fundraising easy! We have a great cause and we'll set you up with a crowdrise fundraising link to personalize and share with all your friends. You can share your link via text, email, and social media. Its easy, fun, and allows your loved ones to share in our collective efforts to fight against childhood inactivity. 

Click the link, register for our event on UltraSignUp and start becoming a 100 Mile Club® HERO!

The Coveted Quilt is BACK!

Kara's sweet Mother, Dorothy, is hand making the best quilt you'll ever earn. Using past years 100 Mile Club® shirts you'll be warmed with style! This quilt goes to the TOP FundRacer. Fundraising totals for this quilt end at 10am on Saturday 3/16! Push til the end! 


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If you are alive and reading this... there's a division for you! Click the button to register and start fundRacing now!

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We can't think of a better way to spend a weekend than watching inspiring feats of edurance and having fun with hundreds of happy kids! Get your ticket to the 100 Mile Clubs Run4Kids Saturday Morning 6hr Event:


Where: Auburndale Jr. High Corona, CA

When: 7pm Friday March 15th to 8pm on Saturday, March 16th 2019

Parking: plentiful parking on site and limited street spaces

What to bring: sunscreen, all your food and hydration products, camping and blankets or camp chairs, determination